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there is too much greatness in life to make the negatives overpower it/ remember when your mind is overwhelmed with negativity, that God never puts you through anything that you couldnt handle alone. alll he is doing is reminding you of how strong you are in faith, and he just wants to see how much you believe in him- so when you have hardships, trust in God. when you have goood in life- remember to thank him as wellll.


she has held her head up high through alll the hard times. and learned not to put her head up tooo high when she was more than blessed. she did it alll on her own. she devoted all her time and energy into her children. she did EVERYTHING she could to make sure we lived the life she knew we deserved.

her eyes are tooo green. sometimes sooo blue. thin dark blond hair. a woman who wont let any man touch her bush-cutter. wore skinny jeans before everyone thought it was hott. has a laugh of an angel. gets mad at me by using my fulll name. cleaned my room and car, because i obviously never did. gave me money. took me to point A to point B. flew to be with me when i had surgery. TWICE. a woman that raised five kids, alll by herself. and did it damnwelll. she works hard for her: respect. children. priorities. money. everything. i have never seen this woman give up.

MOM. youre the most amazing woman ever. i dont always tell you, but i appreciate EVERYTHINGthat you have ever done for me and everything youre stilldoing for me. ive always been the little brat that every young child is entitledto be (hehehhe). i didnt always listen to you and i didnt always do what you told me to do. i disappointed you several times. but you forgave me. you still loved me unconditionally. you were always there for me. you listened. you gave me advice. you cried with me. you laughed with me. you yelled at me. you hugged me. you grounded me.

im so glad that i have you in my life.i dont ever want to imagine life without you. thank you mom for everything. and i owe you absolutely the whole entire world. i promise to take care of you when youre older. i love you.

always and forever. your daughter, deana jane.