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Please LIKE this page! Send prayers to Maria Elena. You can send Get-Well Cards, addressed to:

Maria Elena Juarez
PO Box 68
Bartlett, TX 76511

You can order “Team Elena” T-Shirts! The newest shirt is designed by Elena herself! There is a site on her page, if you would like to give monetary donations. Her mom was a head-start teacher at WCB Opportunities, but since Maria Elena was diagnosed, she now stays with Maria Elena. 

Beautiful Maria Elena… She just got out of surgery.. They inserted a port in her chest to start her on chemotherapy.. She had her first chemo today and just look at her! SHE’S STILL SMILING! Lots and lots of love and prayers!!!!!


there is too much greatness in life to make the negatives overpower it/ remember when your mind is overwhelmed with negativity, that God never puts you through anything that you couldnt handle alone. alll he is doing is reminding you of how strong you are in faith, and he just wants to see how much you believe in him- so when you have hardships, trust in God. when you have goood in life- remember to thank him as wellll.

sellllin’ my soul for material wishes, fast cars and biiiitches! <3