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O amor deve ser sincero. Odeio o que é mau; se apegam ao que é bom.

Romans 12:9

If you’re afraid to be hurt again, then you are afraid to be loved again. Don’t let the hearts that didn’t love you keep you from the one that will.

Trent Shelton

Team Elena- ALL Smiles ›

Please LIKE this page! Send prayers to Maria Elena. You can send Get-Well Cards, addressed to:

Maria Elena Juarez
PO Box 68
Bartlett, TX 76511

You can order “Team Elena” T-Shirts! The newest shirt is designed by Elena herself! There is a site on her page, if you would like to give monetary donations. Her mom was a head-start teacher at WCB Opportunities, but since Maria Elena was diagnosed, she now stays with Maria Elena. 

To the one who will spend their whole life with me:

I will be a pain in the ass. I will annoy you, and ask you about all the things you want to do. I will ask you about the places you want to go, the things you like, and the colors you enjoy seeing. I will take you to my favorite places, and I will kiss you like I am not going to see you ever again. I will go to your favorite places with you, and I will look at you like I look at the night sky and the sunrise. I will lay down with you on the grass too often, and I will ask you if you love me as much as I love you. I will make plans for us to do, find places for us to explore, and I will write poems about how warm your lips feel. I will be hard at times, though. I hope you will be okay with that. I will be cold-hearted, cruel, and thoughtless. There will be times when I am too emotional and hard to handle. When those times come, don’t let go of me; hold me like you want to be held back, and I will hold you back. I will lay my head on your chest and I will pour my heart out, just don’t let go of me when I am like that. I just hope you realize the mistake you are making. I hope you never leave, because I will love you with everything I have in me.

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I’m going to travel the world with you♥♥


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