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To the one who will spend their whole life with me:

I will be a pain in the ass. I will annoy you, and ask you about all the things you want to do. I will ask you about the places you want to go, the things you like, and the colors you enjoy seeing. I will take you to my favorite places, and I will kiss you like I am not going to see you ever again. I will go to your favorite places with you, and I will look at you like I look at the night sky and the sunrise. I will lay down with you on the grass too often, and I will ask you if you love me as much as I love you. I will make plans for us to do, find places for us to explore, and I will write poems about how warm your lips feel. I will be hard at times, though. I hope you will be okay with that. I will be cold-hearted, cruel, and thoughtless. There will be times when I am too emotional and hard to handle. When those times come, don’t let go of me; hold me like you want to be held back, and I will hold you back. I will lay my head on your chest and I will pour my heart out, just don’t let go of me when I am like that. I just hope you realize the mistake you are making. I hope you never leave, because I will love you with everything I have in me.


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i never want to see you unhappy

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