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I’m going to travel the world with you♥♥


happy mothers day to the most important person in my life<3

You’re the strongest person I know. You raised me through thick and thin, kept your head up high when times were low, gave everything you had even when it seemed like you had nothing left to give, emotionally drained yourself when I was too selfish to realize how blessed I was to have someone like you in my life. I dragged you along when I rebelled, I have hurt you emotionally without knowing then, I took advantage of your trust at times. Even with all the hell i brought to you, you still managed give me advice, tell me you love me, and continued to support me with everything I ever wanted to do in life. And I owe it ALL to you, because without you… I wouldn’t have understood the true meaning of love, forgiveness, blessings, trust, family, or even life. I just want you to know that not even words can describe how much I love and appreciate you. You’re the most wonderful, strongest woman I know. I admire your drive, your commitment, your bravery, your strength, your comebacks, your knowledge, your skills…you, in general. I love you mom. And I promise you with everything within me and around me, that I will never stop loving you.