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there is too much greatness in life to make the negatives overpower it/ remember when your mind is overwhelmed with negativity, that God never puts you through anything that you couldnt handle alone. alll he is doing is reminding you of how strong you are in faith, and he just wants to see how much you believe in him- so when you have hardships, trust in God. when you have goood in life- remember to thank him as wellll.

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im sure God doesnt want someone with dirty hands, preaching his word

so i have always noticed what im about to talk about. but today, it just seriously opened my eyes on how hypocritical they are. the people who talk so highly about god, and judge people about what they do wrong- are doing just as bad. today my sisters friend told her pretty much what her relationship is with god and that shes pretty much a horrible person for what she does and she needs to repent her sins. BLAHBLAHBLAAAH. like im not talking down god, but im talking down this girls ‘advice’ or ‘choice of words’ to my sister. let me tell you. this girl has kids she cant even take care of herself. she had premarital sex with someone she knew only a week. and she talks about partying alll the time. and she flys to other states to visit guys that like her. youre probably thinking im such a hypocrite for writing this. but this girl, talks so highly about god and says how “you shouldnt do this you shouldnt do that. youre not suppose to have sex before youre married. partying is you going against your faith” blah blah whatevs. i myself believe in god and know he is above and beyond this world- and i KNOW that i dont follow what it says in the bible. but i am not preaching people not to do this or do that or that theyre going to hell for doing wahtevs. and this girl had the nerve to tell my sister that what she is doing in life is wrong and that she needs to rebuild her relationship with god. whatever. OH BTW- she hasnt hung out with my sister for over a month because shes been with someone, parties, and has been flying to other states to see guys. and she has the audacity to go and preach this? so just a little bird feeder to you god preachers who arent sooo holy: before you start preaching people WHOSE LIVES YOU HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT! make sure your life is perfect, and youre not going against what you have to say. and damn. YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT ANYONES RELAITONSHIP IS WITH GOD- OTHER THAN THAT PERSON THEMSELVES AND GOD. you may be spreading the word of god. but im sure god doesnt want someone with dirty hands, preaching his words. you think?

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