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so it’s not gonna be easy. it’s gonna be really hard. we’re gonna have to work at this every day, but i want to do that because i want you. i want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day. will you do something for me, please? just picture your life for me? 30 years from now, 40 years from now? what’s it look like? if it’s with him, go. go! i lost you once, i think i can do it again. if i thought that’s what you really wanted. but don’t you take the easy way out. -the notebook


why do girls try to bash the fact that youre independent, and not paying them attention- when instead of getting on your ass about having no time, they can be getting their own independence! bitch, man up!

dont try to bash the way i live. i chill at home because i like to enjoy the rent i pay! i stay home and watch movies after work because its nice knowing i paid for the damn power. i work all the damn time, but shit- at least it shows i got my priorities straight and im paying the damn bills. how many 18 year olds do you see paying their damn rent, and feeding themdamnselves!? not many. and you aint one of them. so before you start putting ya dirty ass hands in my business, man the fuck up and walk that talk you keep babbbling about.

its not a crime, just love

alll that mattered was dj. gettting drunk. every night. going to school hungover. getting high. triple c’s. tanning. everyday.

its these days i leave behind. because these days were the days that my mom stayed up wondering if i was still alive, and my whereabouts. 

perhaps it was THIS moment, where my life completely changed :)


QUESTION: What scares you the most and why?