facts about dj

Hello babes,

First things first: Travel the world, fall in love with as many things as possible, always be the best you that you can be, never fear the unknown, always make your bed in the morning and never forget your morning tea.

Just an island girl from Guam, living in boring ass Nashville, TN. Completed B.Sc., with the drive in journalism. I don’t know what the fuck I did there either, don’t worry. I have scattered pieces of my life all over the world, yet ended up in shit-fuck Tennessee. Yeah, unfortunate.

Madly in love with Jordan Xavier.

Things to live by: Eat healthy. Speak only kind words. Work out. Pray every morning and before you sleep. Always be considerate, honest, open minded, thankful, patient and loyal to those you love most. Enjoy your life, and be thankful for it! Always thank God for your struggles. For each struggle, there comes an important lesson Don’t hold grudges— forgive those who do you wrong. It’s okay not to have the last word. Control your temper.

(To be continued…..)